Look Like Science: a photography exhibition by Sheung Yiu

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Look Like Science’ is a photography research project that investigates the visual culture surrounding scientific imagery. Since its inception, photography has been inextricably intertwined with science. While photographs in the early days stood as an ‘accurate’ replication of reality, they have become increasingly more artificial, figurative and abstract. Experimenting with the interplay among photography, graphic design and text, the project explores how meaning is embedded and extracted from photography.

This exhibition explores how the circular form is repeated, regurgitated and recycled in scientific imagery to embody a multitude of concepts. The photos included in this exhibition includes both photographic work from the artist and found imagery from science textbooks around the world.

Opening night’s on 19/1/2018 (Fri) from 1800 to 1930, we will talk, we will have wine and then we will head to Sörnäinen for drinks, so friends please come join me at the opening night.

The exhibition continues throughout 15/1 – 26/1.


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